HSK 800 Thermal Store

enlarge picture: HSK 800 Thermal Store
tank for accumulation of thermal energy in heating water with an immersed stainless-steel DHW heat exchanger, a thermally layered cylinder for heating circuit return line, a steel heating coil (e.g. for connecting solar collectors), enabling to insert an el. heating rod and connect further heat sources, no insulation, 800 l total volume, 790 mm diam. of bare vessel, 1930 mm high, stainless steel heating coil 7.2 sqm surface area, lower heating coil 3 sqm surface area, upper heating coil 2 sqm surface area
Code: 7663
Marking: HSK 800
Package: pallet
Package dimensions : 80 x 204 x 110 cm
Packing weight : 211 kg
Bulk pack: none 525

Item description:

Parameters and specification

  • Type: HSK 800
  • Total volume incl. heat exchanger: 805 l
  • Tank volume: 750 l
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger volume: 55 l
  • Upper heating coil volume: 12 l
  • Lower heating coil volume: 18 l
  • Upper heating coil surface area: 2 m2
  • Lower heating coil surface area: 3 m2
  • Stainless steel DHW heat exchanger surf. area: 7,2 m2
  • Empty weight: 200 kg


Max. working temperature – tank and heat exchanger 95° C
Max. working pressure – heat exchanger 6 bar
Max. working pressure – tank 6 bar