DUOE 2 1500/300 Thermal Store

enlarge picture: DUOE 2 1500/300 Thermal Store
DHW tank immersed in Thermal Store, incl. insulation, 1500 l total volume, 300 l DHW tank, 2 solar heat exchangers, enameled, permitting installation of el. heating elements, supplied with soft detachable insulation 100 mm thick with an outer layer of PU leather, zipper closed, insulation not fitted, bare vessel 1000 mm diam., 2100 mm high, lower heating coil 3.9 sqm surface area, upper heating coil 3.0 sqm surface area
Code: 10582
Marking: DUO E2 1500/300 2VÝMĚNÍKY
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Package: pallet
Package dimensions : 104 x 228 x 104 cm
Packing weight : 350 kg
Bulk pack: pallet 0

Item description:

Parameters and specification

  • Type: DUO-E2 1500/300


The inner surface of the immersed DHW tank is enameled in compliance with DIN 4753. It is fitted with a magnesium anode rod.

Thermal Store:

  • 5+1 side ports with G 1“ F thread to connect a heating system
  • 2 side ports with G 6/4“ F thread to install el. heating rods
  • 4 side ports with G 1/2“ F thread to accommodate temperature sensor sheath
  • 4 side ports with G 1“ F thread to connect heating coils

Immersed DHW tank:

  • 3 top ports with G 1“ F thread for inlet, outlet, circulation
  • 1 top port with G 1/2“ F thread for temperature sensor sheath
  • 1 magnesium anode rod (G 5/4“)