HR 100R - Residential Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit

enlarge picture: HR 100R - Residential Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit
Central heat recovery ventilation unit for single apartments or rooms, very simple installation. The unit can be installed into a very small space (e.g. cupboard, ceiling void etc.). 100mm air ducts are used. Airflow rate: 77 m3/h.
Code: 7483
Marking: HR100R
Package: box
Package dimensions : 21 x 28 x 42 cm
Packing weight : 4.93 kg
Bulk pack: pallet 312

Parameters and specification

  • Ventilation performance: 77 m3/hod
  • Power input - min/max: 14 W / 35 W
  • Dimensions (mm): 310 / 240 / 160
  • Weight: 6 kg

Item description:

HR100R Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit is a space-saving unit for ventilation of several rooms in apartments or houses. Due to its size, installation is very simple and the unit fits into very small space. Air ducting is used with a diameter of 100 mm. Installation of the HR unit 100R is simple and fast. HR 100R Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit enables ventilation of rooms with heat recovery from the exhaust air with up to 70% efficiency. It connects to air ducting so it is suitable for places that have no access to any outer wall.

HR100R unit is very suitable for central ventilation of small apartments or single rooms. It meets the requirements of building code for inner bathroom ventilation. A 2-speed motor enables operation in 2 modes. Current mode ensures continuous ventilation under usual conditions, and boost mode will ventilate rooms intensively when stale, moisture-laden air needs to be removed. The rooms are continuously supplied with pre-heated fresh air from outside and stale air is extracted. Heat from the outgoing air is transferred to the incoming air without any contamination risk.


  • small size
  • low operational costs
  • low noise level
  • 70% efficiency 

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