HR 100RS - Residential Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit

enlarge picture: HR 100RS - Residential Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit
Central heat recovery ventilation unit for single apartments or rooms, very simple installation. The unit is designed for installation in a ceiling void. 100mm air ducts are used. Airflow rate: 77 m3/h.
Code: 10308
Marking: HR100RS
Package: box
Package dimensions : 21 x 28 x 42 cm
Packing weight : 5.285 kg
Bulk pack: none 1

Parameters and specification

  • Ventilation performance: 77 m3/hour
  • Input power: 14 W / 35 W
  • Dimensions: 310 /240 / 160
  • Weight: 6 kg

Item description:

HR 100RS Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit enables ventilation of rooms with heat recovery from the exhaust air with up to 70% efficiency. It connects to air ducting so it is suitable for places that have no access to any outer wall.

HR 100RS is a unit of lower class performance for apartment ventilation. Maximum ventilation performance is 77 m3/hour. These heat recovery units are not equipped with any control electronics. There are two modes of operation - low and high. An external switch is usually used to switch between the ventilation modes, mostly just a plain double switch on the wall.
The unit can be upgraded with extra G3 filter for filtering fine dust particles. The most simple way to install the ventilation unit is to run the  air ducts in the ceiling void or disused attic.

This HR100RS model can be mounted directly to the ceiling structure, the unit internals are then accessible from its bottom side.



  • small size
  • low operational costs
  • low noise level
  • 70% efficiency 

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