LYRA 1000 VVS - 2HC/C Thermal Store

enlarge picture: LYRA 1000 VVS - 2HC/C Thermal Store
Lyra with an integrated tube solar heat exchanger for 2 heating circuits, with DHW heating in an external fresh water station, in a plate heat exchanger with electronic DHW temperature control, with recirculation, twin-pipe solar pump station, 4-way bivalent valve, 800 mm bare diameter, 1000 mm with insulation, 2070 mm high
Code: 12228
Marking: LYRA1000VVS 2 OKRUHY, TV S C
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Item description:

Parameters and specification

  • Total tank volume: 902 l
  • Diameter without insulation: 800 mm
  • Height: 2070 mm
  • Heating coil volume:23 l
  • Heating coil surface area: 4.2 sqm
  • Max. working temperature - tank: 95°C
  • Max. working temperature - heat exchanger: 110°C
  • Max. working pressure - tank: 4 bar
  • Max. working pressure - heat exchanger: 10 bar
  • Empty weight: 243 kg


Domestic Hot Water

  • Instantaneous water heating
  • Prevents formation of Legionella bacteria
  • Always fresh hot water, no storage
  • Thermostatic valve limits the incoming temperature to the heat exchanger, preventing scale formation
  • Controlled DHW circulation pump for cost-efficient recirculation even in large DHW systems
  • Precise temperature control of supplied hot water
  • High efficiency of solar system thanks to water recooling to low temperature after the heat exchanger


Heating to 2 independent mixed heating circuits

  • Pump stations with special 4-way valves
  • For space heating the valves give priority to solar heat.
    Saving energy by controlled drawing of water from both tank sections