New series of EcoAir 600M Heat Pumps

New series of EcoAir 600M Heat Pumps
5. 10. 2018
At the ForArch Praha exhibition we introduced a new series of EcoAir 600M air-to-water heat pumps with inverter.

These heat pumps draw energy from the ambient air and transfer it to domestic hot water and heating water. They work down to -22°C outdoor temperature and offer heating water of up to 65°C. This is a series of 2 models of 3-phase heat pumps with a scroll compressor and inverter (speed control), offering a long service life. The output of the heat pump keeps adjusting to the heating requirements throughout the year.

These heat pumps install easily, offering a high COP and an extremely low noise level. The feature of smart defrosting keeps monitoring the condition of the Heat Pump and starts defrosting for the shortest necessary time only when it is really needed. This contributes to a high efficiency of these heat pumps (max. COP = 5.9).

EcoAir 614M

EcoAir 622M