New product catalogue

New product catalogue
26. 4. 2021

New products:

RegulusBOX indoor units for heat pumps
EcoPart 600M ground-to-water inverter heat pumps
Softstarter for on/off heat pumps
Solar pump stations with Grundfos circulation pumps
Distribution boxes for air ducts in PE, 75mm diam. 
Disk valves for air duct outlets
Wall-hung thermal stores for heating/cooling
Insulation sets for cooling, for PS 200 N+ thermal store
HSK 350 K P-B thermal store for installation with one 3-way valve (suitable for RegulusBOX)
RBC 300 HP 3.2V hot water storage tank
Safety kits for hot water storage tanks
Wireless temperature and humidity sensor for IR controller
Communicating room unit for IR controller
RGMAT load units with ball valves
CSE MIX-BP pump stations, no mixing valve actuator
CSE2 pump stations with Wilo PARA 25/6 SC
High-efficiency circulation pump for heating, solar and geothermal systems
Three-way zone ball valves
H-block radiator valves 

Catalogue 2021| Show (PDF 3.9 MB)