Boiler Subsidy

In June 2015 the Ministry of the Environment published the principal conditions for new “boiler subsidies“ and announced calls for regions. There is 9 billion CZK available for replacement of old boilers. These subsidies will be newly paid by European funds, so the regions had to apply for their funding first in order to subsequently grant subsidies directly to citizens.

You can obtain subsidy for:

  • heat source incl. its installation costs
  • new heating system
  • heating system reconstruction, incl. necessary control and measurement, modifications to flueways
  • financially less demanding measures for reduction of a building’s energy consumption (20 000 CZK max.)
  • service of an energy expert
  • project documentation

Max. costs entitled to receive a subsidy: 150 000 CZK

Subsidized appliances: all subsidized appliances are registered in the binding List of Products and Technologies (SVT).

The installation of selected appliances producing energy from renewable sources (biomass boilers, solar thermal systems, heat pumps) may be performed only by a Qualified Supplier. The list of Qualified Suppliers can be found on the website of Ministry of Industry and Trade, in the bottom section, Přílohy ke stažení (attachments for download).

Subsidy amount:

  • coal-fired only boilers – 70 %
  • combined boilers (coal + biomass), gas-fired boilers – 75 %
  • biomass only boilers and heat pumps – 80 %

+ another 5% for areas with poor air quality (list of cities and towns with polluted air)

The principal condition:

The subsidy for a heat source replacement can be granted only:

  • in family houses when where at least one “micro” energy efficiency measure will be taken at the same time, leading to reducing the energy consumption of the family house

  • or in family houses where the energy consumption has been reduced in the past (outer thermal insulation, windows replacement etc.) to the level of the requirement set by the Decree 78/2013 Coll., on energy consumption of buildings, i.e. the energy efficiency classification class of a building “C” – energy efficient regarding the index of total energy supplied or total primary non-renewable energy, or the average heat transfer coefficient
  • or it is being applied simultaneously for a New Green Savings subsidy for measures leading to reducing the energy consumption of the building

Where and when to apply:

At the Regional Authority.

What are obligatory enclosures:

  • Application form for granting a subsidy – will be available at Regional Authorities.
  • Photographic documentation of the existing boiler connected to your heating system and to the chimney, stating its type, material (steel, cast iron) and nominal output. Declaration on its functionality and fuel(s) used.
  • Written approval from other house co-owners in case they are more than one.
  • Written approval from the land owner in case there are different owners of the building and of the land the family house is built on.
  • Other enclosures defined by the respective Region depending on its specific needs related to subsidy allocation settings.

I am interested in obtaining subsidy

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