CSE TSV55 TRS6 K Load Unit

Insulated Load Unit with a TRS6 K Controller, 2 pumps, TSV3B 55°C load valve, ball valves, drain valves, a safety valve, thermometers. The Unit is intended for heating systems with a solid fuel boiler with no thermal store, permitting DHW heating. It ensures automatic mixing of heating water to a temperature corresponding to the boiler output. The temperature of return water to a boiler is kept at 55°C min. by a load valve. The integrated Controller controls operation of the whole system, switching on/off a boiler (e.g. a pellet-fired boiler or an auxiliary source). For manually loaded boilers, their output can be controlled either by RT3E electric controlled draft regulator, or by RT4 thermostatic one. The Load Unit is completely internally wired and fitted with a power cable with plug. The system

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