New Green Savings

The Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic and the State Environmental Fund have published conditions for the next call in the New Green Savings programme intended for family homes. This is a so called continuous call so the relating subsidy applications can be submitted continuously till 2021. This call started October 21, 2015.


A. Reducing energy performance in existing family houses
B. Building family houses with very low energy performance
C. Efficient use of energy resources

NGS applies to solar thermal systems, heat pumps, fireplace inserts and HRV units offered by Regulus.

Regulus focuses on efficient utilization of energy sources, i.e. on Support Area C. However, its products can be also installed in newly built passive (superinsulated) houses, i.e. for Support Area B, where a subsidy of up to 450 000 CZK can be applied for.

Regulus products meet all the requirements of the Programme.

For those who are interested in a subsidized solar thermal system:

We have prepared for you special offers for solar kits for family homes that are supported from the New Green Savings programme. We will prepare the required documentation for these kits for you and help you with submitting the application. The basis for the documentation is a properly and completely filled form. We recommend to fill the form in cooperation with an installation company.

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