Ground-to-Water Heat Pump
with Boiler Room Equipment,
10% discount
- Special Offer

The Kit contains:

Eco Heat 400 Heat Pump

a high COP up to 5.55
really silent operation
warranty up to 5 years for the whole heat pump and 10 years for the compressor
European Quality Label

multi-energy thermal store
Wilo 25/1-6 high-efficiency circulation pump
40 l expansion vessel for heating, incl. bracket

Main advantages of the Kit:

  • Highly efficient space and DHW heating.
  • Hot water heated in a stainless steel heat exchanger.
  • Complete boiler room equipment with little space requirements.
  • Simple, intuitive control via a touchscreen.
  • Precise temperature control of heating water through a special four-way valve.
  • Room temperature sensor with warning function included in supply.
  • Current sensors as a prevention of main circuit breaker tripping included in supply.
  • Connection possible of a solar thermal system, hydronic fireplace insert or another hear source.
  • Getting a heat pump can be subsidized from the Green Savings programme or also from so called Boiler Subsidies.

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