Dasmia Congress Centre

Picture: Dasmia Congress Centre
Reference typeHeat pumps, solar thermal system
Construction periodturn of the year, 2016/2017
LocationBishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

Dasmia is a vast facility designed to host big events, with several restaurants serving oriental and European cuisine, yurt shaped cafes and tea rooms, office building with a restaurant and a driving school.  

Dasmia - New Yurt

- the largest yurt in the world, 1000 sqm

Our first installation in Kyrgyzstan. This is a newly built facility that respects Kyrgyz traditions while utilizing new technologies. It is in use as a restaurant in everyday operation with hot water consumption of about 3-5 cubic meters daily. 2 EcoAir 420 heat pumps are installed here together with a solar thermal system with 12 KPR11+ solar collectors and 2 R0BC 2000 thermal stores.

Dasmia - Old Yurt

- a second, a bit smaller yurt, remodelled and enlarged to almost also 1000 sqm

This building is in occasional use (about twice a week) for huge events (up to 1000 persons), weddings, conferences, business events etc. – banquet hall "АЙКОЛ-ОРДО". Since January 2017 we have a solar thermal system there with 12 KPR11+ solar collectors and 3 cascade-coupled EcoAir 420 heat pumps. A 4000l hot water storage tank is preheated from the solar thermal system and after-heated by the heat pumps. As an auxiliary heat source, two 30-kW electric boilers are also installed.

Dasmia – Classic Restaurant

The third large restaurant is not yurt shaped but it is located inside the office building. It is also used occasionally for big events (500 persons max.). There we have a solar thermal system with 8 KPR11+ collectors and two cascade-coupled EcoAir 420 heat pumps. The technology was launched at the end of December 2016.

You can learn more on the Congress Centre from the website www.dasmia.kg, and on Czech-Kyrgyz relations here.