Products and Solutions

Heat Pumps

Air-source heat pumps, ground-source heat pumps, heat pump, heat pump accessories, controllers

Solar Water Heating

Solar water heating, solar thermal systems, solar panels, solar collectors, roof anchors, flat roof supports, installation accessories...

Heat Recovery Ventilation

Heat recovery ventilation units, whole-house and single-room units, installation accessories, air ducts, air duct heaters

Photovoltaic Systems

Photovoltaic panels, inverters, support structures, switchboards, optimizers, battery storage, wallboxes


Heat Accumulation

Hot water storage tanks, thermal stores, plate heat exchangers, fresh water stations, anode rods

Electric Heating Elements

Electric heating elements for hot water storage tanks and thermal stores, for electric boilers, for heater towel rails

Expansion Vessels

Expansion vessels for heating systems, drinking water and solar thermal circuits, brackets and service valves for expansion vessels

Controllers, Thermostats, Measurement

Weather compensated smart controllers, room thermostats, thermostats, thermometers, pressure gauges, thermomanometers, flow switches, pressure switches

Protection and Control
of Boilers

Draft regulators and thermal relief valves for solid-fuel boilers, load valves and load units for solid fuel boiler return lines, UPSs

Heating System Components

Pump stations and manifolds for heating circuits, circulation pumps, zone valves, mixing valves and actuators, DHW thermostatic valves

Chemicals, Fluids, Cleaners

Descaling pumps, cleaning and protective chemicals, antifreeze heat transfer fluids, thread sealants

Metal Hoses and Insulation

Stainless-steel metal hoses for water, solar fluids and gas, pipe insulation, pipe fittings

Aluminium Flue Pipes

Flue pipes for fanned boilers
flueways in aluminium - AL

Polypropylene Flue Pipes

Flue pipes for condensing boilers
flueways in polypropylene - PP