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Every owner expects a long service life of his heating system and its trouble-free operation. Problems are often caused by impurities that may appear even in a new heating system and calcium-rich heating water that produces scale in a boiler heat exchanger.

The best way of preventing such problems is flushing the heating system after installation, checking the heating water quality and adding protective agents. If a boiler heat exchanger or other heating system components are already fouled with impurities or scale, it is usually not necessary to replace the expensive component. Cleaning can be performed using a descaling pump and special chemicals that help in cleaning the spots affected and dissolve scale.

After some time of boiler operation, impurities settle down on the fume side of a heat exchanger. This causes heat transfer deterioration and decreasing the boiler operation efficiency. Cleaning can be performed by using products for cleaning boiler flue gas paths

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chemical product for use with descaling pumps, to remove residual acidity, 10 kg container
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