Eco Resort Kara Bulak

Picture: Eco Resort Kara Bulak
Reference typeHeat pumps, solar thermal system
Construction period2017
LocationKara-Bulak region, Tatyr

A recreation resort located at 1800 m above sea level attracts its visitors mainly for its nature beauty and relaxation from a hectic lifestyle. It offers accommodation in 14 stylish cottages, sauna, horse riding, hiking, healthy meals and programs for health improvement, all this for private guests and company teams as well. Conference facilities are also available.

Two EcoAir 420 heat pumps and a solar thermal system with 10 KPR11+ ANT solar collectors are installed to heat space and DHW in the conference hall and yurta with restaurant. The heat loss from the buildings is 44 kW, daily water consumption reaches 1.5 cubic meters. The heat pumps and solar collectors are connected to two hot water storage tanks of 3000 l total volume and a PS 1000 N+ thermal store via plate heat exchangers. Electric heating elements are installed as auxiliary heat sources. The whole system is controlled by an IR12 CTC smart controller.

More info on the resort can be found on its website: