Solar Thermal Systems for Blocks of Flats

After all the measures are taken to reduce the energy demand of a building (outside thermal insulation, windows replacement, heating control upgrade etc.), then it is the right time to solve the question of efficient hot water heating. Over 40&nbsp% of our population live in buildings with more flats.
Hot water consumption in such buildings is not negligible, saying nothing about the costs of its heating, since these systems are often very neglected, working with very high thermal loss mainly in the distribution network from the district heating substation or boiler unit to the end consumer, and so with low efficiency leading to high hot water price especially for end customers.

Each system is unique

Each house is an original. For solar thermal systems for DHW heating in blocks of flats, individual applications cannot be much copied since two buildings of the same size, built e.g. by standardized construction, may differ in many aspects important for proper operation of a solar thermal system. For this reason it is important for a solar thermal system to be designed by a team of professional heating planners!

For customers

In order to optimize the calculations, it is an advantage if the DHW consumption in separate months is known because there are often large differences in hot water consumption among separate months, namely between summer and winter months. The most important number is the daily consumption for the whole building which serves as a basis for sizing a solar thermal system. However, sometimes this value is not available but it can be calculated from a monthly consumption. In case that even this value is unavailable, the daily DHW consumption can be established from the number of permanent inhabitants and an official average DHW consumption per person per day.

Each building is different, not only in DHW consumption but also in the chance of placing solar technology or its roof size for solar collectors; that is why it so important to have a solar thermal system designed by a team of professional heating planners!

Regulus has established its own Design dept. and offers drawing up project documentation at any project stage to all its customers. However, the first step is a study that will be prepared FOR FREE by our specialists.

For installation companies

If you are a certified installation company that installs solar thermal systems and heat pumps supplied by Regulus, and if you hesitate about starting an installation of a large solar thermal system for a block of flats, our technicians will be pleased to help you in the form of a technical consultation or by offering any other information.