Why Heat Pumps?

Heat pumps represent a heat source for space and
water heating. Thanks to their high technological
level they are considered a heat source absolutely
equivalent to traditional heating boilers, however,
with much more efficient operation.

The main reasons for buying a heat pump

These are the most common reasons why households and companies buy heat pumps:

  • Significant energy saving
  • Comfortable space and water heating
  • Environmentally friendly technology

Significant energy saving

Traditional heating methods (gas or electric boilers) represent high annual energy costs. Heat pumps gain heat from the environment (ambient air or ground) that is "for free". Heat pumps need just a part of the energy for their own operation, namely for compressor operation, and so the energy bills are usually significantly reduced.

Comfortable space heating

Gas boilers require annual maintenance and flue inspection. Even more work and care is connected with solid-fuel boilers, for example coal handling and ash removal, loading and firing. With heat pumps, none of these duties are present. Contemporary heat pumps can be even connected to existing radiator circuits, i.e. no investment into underfloor heating is needed.

Some versions of heat pumps permit remote control over the internet which means annual inspections (paid) can be avoided. If a fault or another potential heating system problem is registered, remote monitoring enables an automated email notification to be sent to the owner or service provider. Thanks to that, long-term warranty can be obtained for the heat pump.

Environmentally friendly technology

For eco–conscious customers heat pumps represent a preferred heat source since their impact on the environment is significantly smaller than that of other heat sources. Heat pumps help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce consumption of non-renewable resources (gas, coal etc.) and good-quality units even do not pollute the environment by noise.

Why a heat pump from Regulus?

In the sphere of high-quality heat pumps Regulus ranks among the leading suppliers on the Czech market. Heat pump supply from us, unlike from our competitors, combines all the important demands that are expected to be met by a heat pump supplier:

  • High energy savings
  • Very quiet heat pump operation
  • Top quality
  • Excellent parameters
  • Long-term customer care

High energy savings

We put emphasis on the right technical design of the entire heating system with a heat pump. Thanks to that, the heat pump can operate in optimal mode and reach higher savings during its long service life. Moreover, our systems permit combination and optimum control of further heat sources like solar thermal systems, hydronic fireplace inserts and common boilers. Savings achieved this way are even higher.

Very quiet heat pump operation

Noise level has never been high for CTC Enertech heat pumps, however, designers of the new heat pump generation succeeded in reaching so low values that we became market leaders in this area.

Top quality

We offer heat pumps made by CTC Enertech, a traditional Swedish company who has been manufacturing heating technologies since 1923. Heat pumps have been produced by the company for over 30 years. CTC Enertech is the first manufacturer ever to produce air-to-water heat pumps, it ranks among the absolute top in its branch.

CTC Heat Pumps have been granted the European Quality Label for Heat Pumps (Q label) which guarantees, first of all, that the parameters are true, the supplier is reliable and the service ensured. CTC Heat pumps are characterized by a long service life, even under harsh climatic conditions in Scandinavia. That is one of the reasons why these heat pumps rank among the best in Europe.

Excellent parameters

CTC Enertech puts emphasis on innovations. The latest series of heat pumps excel in operating parameters compared to competitors’ products:

  • High flow temperature, up to +65 °C
  • Heat generated even under very low outdoor temperatures, as low as -22 °C for air-to-water heat pumps
  • System with a CTC heat pump is rated with the highest efficiency class, A+++
  • Compact build – a sealed refrigerant circuit, easy installation
  • Very quiet operation

Long-term customer care

It is very easy to buy a heat pump from a manufacturer. However, it is much more difficult to select the right heat pump type and related heating system elements suitable for a specific situation at a customer. Many customers already have or intend to buy a solar thermal system, pool, fireplace insert, etc., and this all shall be respected in the design so that the heating systems works in an effective and efficient manner. A design of efficient space and water heating incl. assistance with subsidy programs form an important part of our support.

Once a heat pump is installed, a warranty service and later also off-warranty service follow. Our system is ready to be extended (solar thermal system, hydronic fireplace, pool heating etc.). Further we offer remote monitoring of your heating system that will permit comfortable user adjusting and service monitoring of your heat pump and heating system operation.

Our regional commercial and technical representatives are near you whenever you might need professional help, offer or realization.

Types of heat pumps

Heat pumps are manufactured in two most common types:

Air-to-water heat pumps

Air-to-water heat pumps draw energy from the ambient air. The latest types of heat pumps work under very low outdoor temperatures, as low as -22°C. They are manufactured in compact design, i.e. the entire heat pump is placed in one compact unit like for example ECOAIR models in our offer.

Heat pumps are also manufactured in a so-called Split design that consists of one outdoor and one indoor unit. These units shall be interconnected by refrigerant piping during installation. Their purchase price is usually lower but the installation is more demanding and they are typically subject to obligatory annual inspections..

Ground-to-water heat pumps

Ground-to-water heat pumps draw energy from the ground (they are independent of the ambient air temperature). These heat pumps utilize heat either from deep bores or from underground pipe loops (laid horizontally below frost line). Their initial costs are thus lower than those of deep bores but a bit higher than those of an air-source heat pump. Ground-to-water heat pumps are placed indoors. They are manufactured in two versions – a heat pump alone, or a heat pump with a thermal store for space heating support and hot water heating. It also contains a controller and other boiler-room components inside a neat, fridge-sized case.

A heat pump price, what shall be reckoned with?

It depends a lot on the specific situation. Of course, it is possible to install a separate heat pump just for space heating and calculate exactly the initial costs. However, more and more frequently is a heat pump a component of a complex heating system based on a combination thermal store for both space and DHW heating. This thermal store is then heated not only by a heat pump but also by a hydronic fireplace insert or a solar thermal system, or from another heat source. Of course, this brings the advantage of utilizing heat from multiple sources. Then, the investment into a heat pump system and its operation is understandably much lower because a heat pump heats water in a thermal store that is installed together to utilize heat from a hydronic fireplace or solar thermal system. Moreover, a control system for these sources usually involves the function of heat pump control so there is no need to buy a separate heat pump control unit, and the entire system with joint control shows higher overall efficiency. A solar thermal system or hydronic fireplace saves your heating costs and extends the service life of your heat pump, that can switch less frequently.