ETT-F2 Heating Element (for PV)

Electric heating element, nickel-plated, G 6/4", thermostatic head with contactor, intended for heating both static and flowing heating water or antifreeze fluid in thermal stores (also combination ones – DUO, HSK models) or drinking water in hot water storage tanks. Power supplied by a 5-core cable wired to a terminal box/fuse board. The heating element features one input for a Ripple control signal and one for master heating system controller. Suitable also for PV systems (star wiring).

Surface finish nickel-plated copper
Cable cable with free end
Length of non-heating end 180 mm
Code Item Availability
20232 ETT-F2 3 kW Heating Element in stock
20234 ETT-F2 5 kW Heating Element in stock


Technical Data Sheet| Show (PDF 433 kB)
Manual| Show (PDF 992 kB)