More on Metal Hoses and Insulation

Stainless steel flexible hoses are designed to connect easily appliances and sources like solar thermal systems, boilers, thermal stores or hot water storage tanks. They are extremely resistant to high temperatures and pressures. They can be used to connect any heating device. Installation is simple and quick thanks to their shaping ability, moreover no extra shaping pieces are needed which reduces the number of connections that are often problematic in heating systems. Thanks to the corrugated structure of stainless-steel hoses, compensators in a long straight piping can be avoided.

For standard use in heating systems we offer Kombiflex stainless-steel hoses for water and solar circuits. For gas piping we offer certified SICURFLEX CSST GAS flexible tubing.


Made of stainless steel and easily shapeable, these metal hoses are intended as permanent piping with sanitary and drinking water. They are suitable to connect storage water heaters, boilers, heating radiators, water taps, dishwasher water valves and wherever quick installation and flexibility is an advantage. When used for hot water, lead in a wall or used in solar circuits, the hoses should be fitted with insulation or pre-insulated pipes used.
The hoses are cut to the desired length on the spot, with bends replacing pipe elbows.


In order to simplify installations of solar thermal systems, we offer pre-insulated flexible piping. The supplied insulation is based on EDPM rubber with temperature resistance of 160°C and its surface is treated with a protective layer against weathering and UV radiation. The DUO version consists of two pipes in insulation, with a solar collector temperature data cable running inside the insulation. Since both the pipes are wrapped in one insulation, its thickness of 14mm corresponds to 20mm insulation on separate pipes.


Easily shapeable stainless steel corrugated tubing with yellow PE coating. The tubes are intended for indoor gas piping, overpressure 0.5 bar max. They are cut to the desired length on the spot. They are easily bendable, with bends replacing pipe elbows. These metal tubes are certified to EN 15266:2008.


Recent heating systems should be fitted with good insulation for the highest savings. As pipe insulation we offer highly resistant insulation based on EDPM rubber. This insulation type is non-deliquescent, resistant to UV radiation and withstands temperatures up to 160°C. It is suitable for all heat distribution pipes incl. solar thermal systems. The insulation is available for various pipe diameters and also in sheets for insulating other components like heat exchangers, fixtures etc. Installation accessories are also available, like insulation tapes, glues etc.