Wmix-H DN 25 ZV Anti-Scald Valve

Anti-scald valve with outlet in the middle, knob adjustable in the range 35-65°C. Kvs=1,2 m3/h, connection G 3/4" M. Ensures such mixing cold and hot water from a heater that the outgoing water is of the preset temperature. If cold water supply is interrupted, the valve closes hot water supply to avoid scalding at the outlet point. Valve have threaded fittings with check valve to prevent back flow and with strainer for protection against dirties at cold and hot water inlet to the valve. There is only threaded fitting at the mixed water outlet.

Code 20413
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Label WMIX-H S25 ZVFŠ G3/4M T35-65
Connection 3/4"
Kvs 1,2
Code 20413
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