ETT G 6/4" for HW Storage Tanks and Thermal Stores

Electric heating elements, G 6/4“ thread, are suitable for use in thermal stores or hot water tanks. When choosing an electric heating element, the following features shall be taken in account:

  1. Surface treatment:
    Nickel-plated elements are universal and can be used either for heating of DHW, or for heating of heating water in thermal stores or inline heaters.
    Elements with no surface treatment are suitable for heating of heating water only in thermal stores or inline heaters TPO.
  2. Thermostat:
    We offer elements not only without thermostat, but also with an integrated thermostat with a contactor or a thermostat without a contactor.
  3. Power cable:
    These heating elements are supplied without, or with power cable. Both these variants require installation by a qualified person. For an easy installation without a specialist we supply heating elements with a power cord w. plug.
  4. Non-heating end:
    Heating elements with a 180mm long non-heating end are designed primarily for HSK and DUO thermal stores. They can be used also for other thermal stores and hot water tanks, if their total length meets the requirements – see the PDF file below showing the max. length of heating elements for thermal stores and hot water storage tanks.
    Heating elements with a 100mm long non-heating end cannot be used for HSK and DUO thermal stores.

Picture: ETT-A Heating Element
no thermostat, nickel-plated, 3x230 V, G 6/4" M, no power cable, for HW tanks & thermal stores, for PV systems
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