IR Smart Controller

IR Smart Controller is intended for control of advanced heating systems with a heat pump, hydronic fireplace, solar thermal system, gas boiler or another switched heat source. Hot water is heated in a combined/separate hot water storage tank, the heating system may include up to 2 separately controlled zones. Dedicated web pages are allocated to each controller that can be accessed from a computer, tablet or smartphone from a LAN or any place over the internet. Thanks to that, it is easy to have your heating system under control and simply change its settings.


  • Smart control for the best utilization of renewable energy sources
  • Multiple heating zones control, as well as hot water and pool heating
  • Simple temperature control by a knob in the room
  • Easy controller adjustment from a web browser
  • Heating system control and information at any place over the internet
  • Access to the controller menu from a PC, tablet, smartphone
  • Failure reports sent to your e-mail address
  • Communication with controller also by sending text messages
  • Communication with certain gas boilers and with Regulus Heat Pumps
  • Remote service intervention without a technician arriving in person

Several models of the controller are available, the basic ones being IR 12 KRB for control of systems with hydronic fireplace as the principal heat source, and IR 12 CTC for control of systems with Regulus CTC Heat Pumps.

Dedicated web pages are allocated to each controller, permitting even a less experienced user to check and adjust heating system parameters. You can check for yourself how user friendly the controller is:
IR12 menu demo can be viewed here.

Basic features of IR Controllers:

  • Connection to a LAN or internet (RJ45 terminal))
  • SD memory card
  • Dedicated web pages
  • Inputs for Pt1000 temperature sensors
  • Input for Ripple control signal
  • Output relays
  • Communication with Regulus Heat Pumps (model IR12 - CTC 400)
  • Communication with some OpenTherm gas boilers 
  • Power supply
  • Pt1000 temperature sensor (model dependent)

Some less frequently used features are realized through additional modules. Thanks to that, the configuration can be extended flexibly.