Heating controllers are designed to control operation of heating and solar thermal systems. They ensure economic but comfortable and safe operation of systems with various heat sources and consumers. We offer a wide range of controllers, from basic models to controllers for efficient control of large systems or systems with more heat sources and more heat consumers. More on IR 12 Smart Controllers.

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to control CTC Heat Pumps, a solar thermal system and up to 2 mixed heating circuits, English menu
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Code: 18514
Picture: IR 14 RTC EN Controller
to control RTC heat pumps, solar thermal system and up to 2 mixed circuits, English menu
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Code: 18239
to control heat pumps, to manage cooperation with single-phase PV panels, el. meter and 1 SSR relays, English menu
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Code: 18925
Smart Controller to control CTC Heat Pumps, upgraded with consumption control of electricity surplus produced by 3-phase PV system through an electric heating element and a heat pump. Incl. electricity meter for electricity surplus measurements and three SSR relays to control the output of el. heating elements.
Code: 18327
Picture: SRS6 EP Solar Controller
6-sensor controller for three solar consumers or two collector arrays, 2 Pt1000 sensors included
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Code: 13168
Picture: TRS3 Heating Controller
for 1 heating circuit, 4 inputs and 4 outputs, incl. 1 outdoor temperature sensor and 1 contact sensor
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Code: 9055
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