Special Offer - SOL 390 DUO

This solar thermal system is connected to a combination thermal store that is designed to heat water for space heating and DHW as well. The thermal store is divided into two thermally independent sections by a separating metal plate. The lower section can be heated up just to a temperature needed for space heating. The section above the separating metal plate is being kept at the desired DHW temperature. Electric heating elements can be installed into the tank or other heat sources connected – a heat pump, fireplace insert, gas-fired boiler…

Code 16573
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Label AKCE SOL 390 DUO
Code 16573
Units pcs
Packaging dimensions 192 x 208 x 215 cm
Gross weight 351 kg


KPG 1 Solar Collectors
- 2 pieces, 4.78 sqm overall surface area
300 l hot water storage tank with 1 solar heat exchanger
Pump station with STDC solar controller
18 l expansion vessel, incl. bracket and connection
Solarten 20 l (antifreeze solar fluid)
Thermostatic mixing valve for DHW

Subsidies are available for solar thermal systems. More info here.