Stainless-Steel Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are used for heat transfer wherever heat cannot be transferred directly from a source to an appliance. Typical examples are different heat transfer media (antifreeze fluid – water, heating water – domestic hot water, district heating – heating water in a building etc.) or different pressures in the separate circuits (district heating up to 20 bar – heating system 3 bar max.).

Plate heat exchangers have a heat transfer coefficient up to 10 times higher than tube heat exchangers, and their heat transfer performance may reach hundreds of kW. The immense advantage of these heat exchangers is their variability in terms of sizes and types, the possibility to design a heat exchanger for an extremely low temperature drop (max. gain of a solar thermal system) and transfer of a high heating output (instantaneous water heating, district heating, large-scale solar thermal system etc.).  more on heat exchangers

Picture: DV800-50E Stainless Steel Plate Heat Exchanger, insulated
50 thin pressed plates made of high quality AISI 316L stainless steel, soldered with copper, in EPDM insulation that resists up to 175°C in short term and is suitable for use with large solar systems, district heating transfer stations and high outpu
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