Draft Regulators

RT thermostatic draft regulators keep the flow temperature of a solid-fuel boiler at the temperature set by the knob. Regulators control the combustion air dampers via chains, controlling the boiler output this way.

Electric controlled draft regulators can be controlled by a room thermostat.

Picture: RT4 Draft Regulator
Code: 13878
RT4 Draft Regulator
Thermostatic draft regulator with design improvements. Better operation in extremely dusty environment, easier removal from boiler body – no need to drain the system, resistance against higher load, numeric scale more resistant against abrasion.
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Picture: RT4 L Draft Regulator
Code: 14743
RT4 L Draft Regulator
RT4 draft regulator with extended lever
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Picture: RT4 S Draft Regulator
Code: 14716
RT4 S Draft Regulator
RT4 draft regulator with a right-angled lever, 313 mm distance
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Picture: RT4 T Draft Regulator
Code: 14138
RT4 T Draft Regulator
RT4 draft regulator for boilers with a thicker mantle
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Picture: RT3-E Thermostatic Draft Regulator
Code: 7191
RT3-E Thermostatic Draft Regulator
electric controlled
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