PP Flue Pipes for Condensing Boilers

The flue pipes are designed for use with gas- or oil-fired (0.2% sulphur max.) low-temperature and condensing boilers of max. flue gas temperature of 120° C, under negative or positive operation pressure. Polypropylene is used for flue exhaust as it is condensate resistant and well shapeable into separate sections. This flue piping is designed as either concentric with diameter 60/100 mm or 80/125 mm, where flue gas passes through the inner polypropylene pipe of 60mm (80mm) diam. and combustion air is sucked through the outer lacquered metal or PP pipe of 100mm (125mm) diam., or as twin (parallel) flue pipes for separate air intake and exhaust of 80 mm diameter. Furthermore, also single wall flue pipes are available, in diameters of 60, 100 and 125 mm, and flue pipes for boiler series in diameters of 125 and 160 mm. Flue pipes for condensing boilers are certified to EN 14471:2013. 

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