CSE SOL W SRS1 T-E Pump Station

Single-line pump station with integrated SRS1 T controller for 1 solar consumer, 3 sensors included, with a Wilo PARA ST 25/7 iPWM2 pump and 230V power socket switched by the controller intended to power supply an el. heating element up to 3 kW output.

Integrated control yes
Code Item Availability
16955 CSE SOL W SRS1 T-E 3/4" Pump Station in stock
17318 CSE SOL W SRS1 T-E 1" Pump Station in stock
18118 CSE SOL W SRS1 T-E Cu 18 Pump Station out of stock
16956 CSE SOL W SRS1 T-E Cu 22 Pump Station in stock
17319 CSE SOL W SRS1 T-E Cu 28 Pump Station in stock


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SRS1-T Manual| Show (PDF 2.1 MB)