Load Unit for easy connecting a heating system with a fireplace/solid-fuel boiler to a thermal store

What is RegulusBIO
and how it works?


RegulusBIO Load Unit is designed for heating systems with a hydronic fireplace / solid fuel boiler with a thermal store and possible DHW heating.

Heating water is mixed by an electric actuated 3-way mixing valve to the weather-compensated temperature, the return water temperature to the boiler is kept at the min. temperature of 55 °C by the load valve.

The boiler heat surplus is stored into a thermal store and used later automatically after the boiler goes out.

The integrated controller controls the entire system.

The Load Unit comes completely internally wired and fitted with a power cable with el. plug.
The system can be controlled from a room unit with a touchscreen, or from a mobile phone via a dedicated application.

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RegulusBIO - Story of the Heating Engineer
RegulusBIO - How it works Leaflet
RegulusBIO - What it consists of


Regulus BIO Advantages

Regulus BIO Which variant

Which variant is
suitable for me?

I have a fireplace/boiler
and thermal store

BIO 55 MIX TRS6K Load Unit

Code 17499


I have a fireplace/boiler,
thermal store
and master controller

BIO 55 MIX-BP Load Unit

Code 17553


I have a fireplace/boiler

BIO 55 Load Unit

Code 17502



Manufactured in the Czech Republic by us

The production plant is located in Stráž nad Nisou, Czech Republic.

The story

Our leading technicians and developers put their heads together and the RegulusBIO load unit was created. In order to ensure the required quality and reliability, we manufacture pump stations, load units and other products in Stráž nad Nisou, where our subsidiary REGULUS Production is located.


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