Special Offer - SOL 300/2

Solar Kit for DHW heating for 3-5 persons, optional backup heating with an electric heating element or boiler in a 300 l solar cylinder with 2 heat exchangers is possible.

Code 14289
on request
Label AKCE SOL 300/2
Code 14289
Units pcs
Packaging none
Packaging dimensions 187 x 194 x 215 cm
Gross weight 290 kg


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KPG 1 Solar Collectors
- 2 pieces, 4.78 sqm overall surface area
300 l hot water storage tank with 2 solar heat exchangers
Pump station with STDC solar controller
18 l expansion vessel, incl. bracket and connection
Solarten 20 l (antifreeze solar fluid)
Thermostatic mixing valve for DHW

Subsidies are available for solar thermal systems. More info here.