Solar Water Heating

Here you can find all the types of solar collectors we offer, incl. related components, their technical data, description and documents for download.

Why to have a solar thermal system, which one, how much will it cost and why to get it from Regulus?

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Picture: S2 SRS2 TE Pump Station
twin-line 3/4" M model with SRS2 TE controller, with high-efficiency Wilo pump, 2-12 l/min
long term unavailable
Code: 15045
Picture: Mount kit for 1 KPC1+  solar collector
Mounting rails, retaining bottom and side clamps, bolts, nuts, insulation. Either 4 roof anchors (inclined roof) or 2 supports and 1 strut (flat roof) shall be ordered for roof mount.
in stock
Code: 12178
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